Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Swap with Holly

Last year I organised to do a crafty swap with a girl whos blog I have admired and followed for a long time, Holly, from Hollyrocks. She is a very sweet genuine, down to earth girl, who is also very talented with making beautiful things. I have admired all the things in her Etsy store, wishing to buy everything.

Our packages both arrived just in time on Christmas Eve, which was such a nice early Christmas surprise for both of us. I had so much fun opening up the box Holly sent me, there was just so much inside!

Everything Holly made me was very personalised, she used my favourite colours, and I loved her designs for me. This earring and clip set has been worn so much since I got it, everyone compliments me when I wear them. They are so well made too, not even the slightest fingerprint is left on the clay, which just amazes me.

I had been wanting some cupcake ornaments from Holly for such a long time, to put on my little pink Christmas tree, and really, hanging these cute little cupcakes on my tree on Christmas eve, it felt like it was finally complete, and made the day really special.
In the package I was also sent a San Fransisco Oven mitt, pink polymer clay buttons, some shells from Mexico for my sister (so thoughtful!), and some peppermint candy, which I gobbled up it was so tasty!

I made Holly a personalised tote bag, amongst other things, head over to her blog post about our swap to check out what I sent to her.
Go check out her Etsy store too, so many awesome things in there!

Thank you Holly for being such an awesome swap partner!


Ebony said...

You crafty ladies! Heading to her site now to check it out.

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Yay!! Lots of loveliness there :) - I love those little cupcakes. Very cute.

Pili said...

Holly is super talented and adorable! She made some awesome stuff for you for sure! Those cupcake ornaments are so cute!!

Holly said...

Jessy, your photos are so nice! I need to hire you to photograph my jewelry for me. ;-)

I had so so SO much fun swapping with you. I always carry my squirrel proudly, knowing that it's making people smile wherever I go. Thank you so much for doing this with me, and for "getting" me so well. You're a rock star!

Becky Farley said...

Your totes are AMAZING!!! Anyone who swaps with you is guaranteed the most awesome swap ever!!